Lead generation

for Business to Business

‘Hello’ just a simple word, but one that we believe can start a relationship and build business. We are a telemarketing company with a difference.

There are four factors that make us unique:

  1. Hand picked our staff who are then ‘industry specific’ trained to adapt to any business profile and to call on behalf of you and your company.
  2. The latest technology where you can use a secure client login and see ‘real time’ where the calling is being documented and the appointments are being made, This is all hosted within our website – staying one step ahead of your competition.
  3. Individually designed plan tailored for each and every client, complimented with an onsite design and marketing service.
  4. Experience – I have 7 years’ experience in the calling game and that has lead me to facilitate systems to insure leads and that are you Databases are up to date.

To find out more contact us and we can walk you through how this professional service can support your sales people, increase business and grow your company.